Advantages of DU FYUP : Delhi University

We have Compiled Some Advantages of DU FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Program) below. You can read the Points below. And if you have other Points too, you can comment below. We will add some more.

Advantages of DU FYUP (4 Year Undergraduate Program)

1.It is designed to give students more time to evolve through their courses.
2.It plans to focus more on practical research and experience rather than theory.
3.Students will be awarded credit points for different papers as well as co-curricular activities.
4.Students having problems to complete their fourth year can complete it in the next eight years.
5.A students is free to choose his or her major or minor as more flexibility will be brought in this new system.
6.No student will be held back in the semester irrespective of the number of subjects he or she passed in.
7.Students with difficulties or any other reason can drop their courses at any time after two years of under graduation.
8.It is beneficial for those students those who want to study in abroad as they need 16 years of schooling which the 10+2+4 system will provide which will further help the Indian students to meet the requirements of the international education system.
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