Benefits of a studying in girls college: DU

Delhi university is like a big family to students. You can find all type of people from different cultures and different backgrounds. It offers you a variety of courses and a different lifestyle. If you are in a girls college then you have been to the right place.
First of all, you need not to think twice before wearing your pyjamas. Yes, you read it right! You can wear anything you want from your pyjamas to your mini skirts. The bonding in the girls college is much better than in co-ed colleges.
When you live along for those years you don’t come out as best friends but as ‘sisters’. You can share everything from to your hairy legs to your incomplete assignment. You can pose anywhere in the college for your pictures because there’s no boy looking over you whether you are in your skirts or pyjamas. The next best thing is about those fests because girls go crazy to make their college’s fest the super amazing one with all the preparations starting before time.
You can act like those wild creatures roaming around not caring about your surroundings and eating like monkeys because nobody is going to judge you. You don’t need to follow the “dress to impress code” as there are no boys to impress. Chilling out in girls college is more fun as you have a whole group together. There are lots of activities from sports to politics so better don’t think it less than a co-ed college.
And at last you have those pretty faces all around shining like stars and energy packed for full day.

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