Career Options In Commerce Background

Hello everyone, as earlier it was a thinking that being a commerce student doesn’t include more career opportunities. And more emphasis was given to the science stream students. But now days there is no myth regarding being a commerce student. As now commerce background is the background which is mostly taken by the students. So let’s discuss some of the possibilities which are present here for the commerce students.


Now days start-ups are being given encouragement so they are growing very rapidly. And most of start-ups are just by the undergraduates. So being an entrepreneur is one of the feasible option for the students. This includes starting from a scratch and then making it huge. Entrepreneurs makes one self independent and it could be in any of the field.

Civil Services

One of the best option for the commerce students is to go for the civil services. As this year we saw a commerce student from the Delhi University bagged the first position in civil services. Being in civil service provides respect, money and there is a lot then we can do for our society and country. So commerce students can make it to the top in civil services.


Commerce students who all have a spark and flair in them can become an excellent journalist. Some of the Universities are their which only admits journalism graduates to their post graduates programmes but some are there which do not impose such restrictions. So being a journalist is also a prominent career option for all commerce grads.

Job Sector

Commerce graduates can also have the jaw dropping packages in their hands, even before they complete their degrees. Also there is a proof of this as large number of students from delhi university and from other universities and colleges too get high packages.


Law as a career creates a lots of opportunities for them who pursue it. It has opportunities both in private and public sector. For commerce graduates, corporate law seems to be the best option if someone wants to work in legal sector.

So, being a commerce student opens a lot of opportunities.

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