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Biggest Fest in Delhi University


Hello everyone, so here comes a celebration time for all of you guys. The fest is to be organised by the NSUI.  The National Students Union of India is organising the biggest fests for the Delhi university students. This fest is also have become an important concern as the main guests of the fest will be our own Olympic Star Sakshi MALIK. Also, many more stars will be part of the event like Dilbagh Singh, Faizalpuria, Jasbir Jassi and some of the Bollywood stars.

So, NSUI is organising the fest before the DUSU elections. This will be true if we say it as the biggest cultural fest in Delhi University. So guys gear up as something great is waiting for you.



College life for freshers: Life at Delhi University

Hello Duites!
So by now you guys would have been familiar by your college, your faculty, your seniors, your cafeteria, your washrooms, your friends, stalls outside your colleges, and the most renowned hangpoints around your college.
Delhi university offers you a lot of stuff. Its not only about studies but this university gives you more than what you still don’t know and which is going to make you a different person after these three years. It will transform you to a beautiful soul and moreover a beautiful person.
1. Elections

last day of nomination Filing of DUSU election Photo by parveen Negi The Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) goes to the polls on September 4 and the Lyngdoh Committee’s recommendations aimed at ensuring accountability, transparency and discipline in college union elections are already being flouted with impunity Delhi university election

This is the time when entry to your college is not to be silent. People are going to roam around you asking for your vote and support all the time and giving you cards and pamphlets.
But this is not just upto cards and pamphlets, its about movies and chocolates and treats by those candidates too.
And most of you might be thinking that who is going to come in that scorching heat just to vote!
But remember that this is your right, you are going to spend those years with those candidates as your presidents and vice presidents, so just make it worth for your own sel.
2. Fests

Yes duites you heard it write this is going to be the best time of your life.
College fests are the most perfect and amazing times of your life. You participate in various events showing your talent and winning prizes. But this is not it you can call your friends too whom you have just left in school and show them how wonderful your college is and let them meet the Bollywood celebrity invited by your college every year.
3. Those societies

Life is never about only studies, the more you take part in those co-curricular activities, the more you develop yourself.
And for your development, this university offers you a range of societies.
• The fashion society
This society turns you into a fashion guru from a fashion novice and this is for all those trendy people who love fashion.
• The debating society
For all those parley people who loves to talk this is the place for you.
Socialize with people here and this society is going to turn you into a best debater.
Hey there drama people ‘aao aao natak dekho’.
• The street theater and the stage theater: for all those people who loves drama and only loves drama.
• The music society
This is the place for all you soloists
Run for your passion because the interviewer is definitely going to ask you to sing a beautiful song.(no wait let it be a song only).
4. The lecturers
You are going to meet teachers who would allow you to enter for being late in class and teachers who would never allow you to enter for the next one week for being late
But I am not sure if your internal marks gets zero for running late daily (kidding ya). And you science people please do not loose your labs okay!
Submit those assignments on time but let and you will be the happiest.

And believe me, you have chosen a perfect university for you.
This place will be in your memories forever
Till then have fun and enjoy the upcoming elections.