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VI Semester Results 2015-16

Hello everyone, as you will be eagerly waiting for the results for different courses. University has declared some of the results. So here is the list of some of the results that are declared by the university. The university has declared the VI semester results. The exams for the VI semester held in May-June 2016. All the students who appeared for the exams can check their results from the given below link.


Also, you can check the results by directly visiting the official Delhi university website.

VI Semester Results 2016: DECLARED

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Advantages of dating a DU Girl

Hello everyone, let’s face it- that DU girls are better than others and we are going to prove it.

Here are 9 major Advantages of dating a DU Girl. Also tell us what do you think according to you how many of points are absolutely correct for DU Girls.


1.You save lots of money :

Save money

You don’t have to plan an expensive date every time you go out with your girl as DU girls are used to of jugads so its simply depends on your skills that how you use your brain and plan a simple and less expensive evening for  your girl.

2.Always there with you at every new year’s day :

UPTU Exams

You don’t have to worry about that you are going to celebrate your new year alone as your girl have some plans with her family because you will always find your girl sitting next to you in examination hall or class room at every 1st of  January as colleges always remains open.This is one of a great disadvantage advantage for DU students.

3.You don’t have to remember the anniversaries :


It is a fact that boys have a very strong weak memory when it comes to remember dates. But if you are dating an DU girl than you don’t have to worry about it. As all DU girls were busy in remembering dates for their exams, assignment submission, etc. So they don’t have enough memory left to remember these days.

4.They are talented :

Yes, it is true that all DU girls are talented at doing everything creative like dancing, painting, singing and much more. So it is the combination of beauty with brain.

IMSEC street play

5.You always have lots of free time :

Keep calm andHangout

DU girls are so consumed by their daily submissions,class test, etc. that you don’t have to complain about your free space. So you always have time to play LAN gaming or hang out with your friends.

6.They are made up for long term relationship :

Keep calm and carry on

DU girls are made up for long term relationships.

7.You have movies of your choice :

deadpool vs bollywood

DU girls have different choices in movies so that you don’t have to convince them for a superhero movie rather than a Bollywood cliché romantic movie.

(Who wants to go for Fitoor instead of Deadpool).

8.She will be your gaming buddy :


She will play video games with you, as those days were gone when boys were the only one who play video games in. DU girls have been always ready to play Mini Militia or COC.

So you don’t have to think twice asking her for video game whenever your buddy is not present.

9.They are programmed to handle stress :

stress free

You don’t have to face the anger issues with DU girls as they are so used to of stress so they are not getting irritated easily whatever silly things you were done.

Are you looking for a girl, take some extra effort for her and find a DU girl and let us know what you thought as one added advantage.

Waiting for your responses! Have a great day. Keep dating….