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DU Bsc Honours Mathematics syllabus :-

Check out DU Bsc Honours Mathematics syllabus www.du.ac.in and download it in pdf so  that you can work out your entire session more effectively .Bachelor of science Honours in mathematics is an undergraduate course in Delhi University. Mathematics is study of structure, universal pattern,quantity and change. Bsc Hons in mathematics provide an in depth knowledge about geometry, calculus, trigonometry and other mathematics theories. Mathematics is a vast subject including several forms inspirational, pure and applied mathematics. Mathematics is a tool required in varius fields including medicines, natural science. As you have opt for Bachelors in this stream you have to be excellent enough to play with numbers on tips. Before you start scheduling your study plan you need to access Bsc honours mathematics syllabus by www.du.ac.in . Don’t worry dukhabar.in is always there to help you in your career journey.


DU Bsc Honours Mathematics syllabus

As a mathematics student you have to excellent in terms of logics and mathematical theories, concepts and formulas. you should have skills like analyzing and interpreting the resultant data, finding patterns and drawing conclusions. Good knowledge about computer application to support execution of your subject.Ability to solve analytical problems and formulate theories to apply them to solve mathematics problem.  Your goal is score good in academics results and pass your Bachelors without any back or supplementary. So to start studying your subjects you require Bsc Honours Mathematics syllabus .To score good in academics and to have clear knowledge of concepts you have to do some research about books to refer for concept and practice. Selection of books to refer to is itself an important task but as in case of mathematics practice makes perfect so  you can refer questions from any of them.

Download DU Bsc Honours Mathematics syllabus (pdf) :

The duration of bsc course is 3 years and same for all specialization under Bsc Honours. The course is divided into 6 semesters and gives a deep understanding of the notion of mathematics with basics of pure mathematics topics including ring theory, linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry and group. It also provide basic understanding of using mathematical tools including  mechanics, numerical analysis, differential equations , probability and statistics. 

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Semester 1

  1. Calculus
  2. Geometry
  3. Algebra I

Semester 2

  1. Mechanics I
  2. Differential Equations I
  3. Algebra II

Semester 3

  1. Mechanics II
  2. Differential Equations II
  3. Analysis I

Semester 4

  1. Vector Analysis
  2. Differential Equations III
  3. Analysis II

Semester 6

  1. Numerical Methods
  2. Numerical Methods Practical using C
  3. Algebra III
  4. Analysis III

Semester 4

  1. Probability Theory
  2. Linear Programming and Optimization
  3. Algebra IV
  4. Analysis IV

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