DU Khabar & UPTU Khabar presents THE TAMASHA

Have you ever thought of a name like this for a fest? Have you ever thought of something like this on such big scale? Have you ever thought of the enthusiasm of organizers for conducting it?

This one is big, very grand and much more ambitious. All those were waiting to regain and test your lost talent and want to prove a point not to others just to yourself then Stage is set for you and get ready to perform TAMASHA.

It will witness a minimum footfall of 3000+ outstanding audience of Delhi-NCR region and students of universities like DU, UPTU, Sharda, Amity, IP and many more

What are our plans?

Believe us we have lot of things to offer you and the sense to understand the true talent inside you. This is going to be something that everyone will remember for the longest of time.

What options you have to take part in it?

For this you have to wait but not for brushing up your skills but for the right time to arrive and when the date will come then things will become more interesting and passionate.

Till then enjoy other fest kind of a thing and become ready for THE TAMASHA- because fests are too mainstream.

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