DU Ranked 97 in the World

A good news to Every Indian and really inspiring one as four major Institutions of the country including three IIT’s and DU have been listed in the Top 100 best universities of the world 

Delhi university ranked at 97 and this one is encouraging to each and every student of DU. Having contacted almost 1,300 institutes and 8,000 recruiters from all over the world the delhi university and other three IIT’s have listed in top 100.

IIT- Bombay-       24

IIT- Delhi  –          27

IIT- Kanpur –        86                                                                                                                    

Delhi University-  97                                                                                                          

The top institutions were:

Harvard University –                                  1                                                                                             
Stanford University –                                  2                                                                           

University of Pennsylvania-                       3                                                                         

University of Oxford-                                 4                                                                          

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-   5                                                                      

This can really inspire many Indians and can boost the education development of the country.
 Vision 2030, as written about by T.V. Mohandas Pai, Chairman of the FICCI Higher Education Committee, envisions that by the year 2030- 
“50% of our youth would be in the higher education system, at least 23 Indian universities would be among the global top 200 and 6 Indian intellectuals would have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Our country would be among top 5 countries globally in cited research output”                                                                                                                                        

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