How to dress well for an Interview ?

How to dress well for an Interview : Tips & Guidelines

First impression is the last impression and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.So you should know How to dress well for an Interview. Interviewer have no idea how much capable you are or how much technically strong you are. The first judgment an interviewer make is going to be based on how you manage your personality and what you are wearing. That’s why it is most important to dress up properly according to the work culture.

The way you dress up for an interview says how much neat, precise and professional you are. To get job of your dreams you must dress up properly. Your appearance is extremely important when you are appearing for an interview. Your employee would like to see you as the right candidate for the job only if you will be able to impress him/her with your personality and skills.

Read on if you are looking for some tips on how to dress well for an interview.


Tips on how to dress at your interview :-

  • Good Hygiene: Bad hygiene can ruin everything, so be as clean as possible. Always shower the day of your interview and always wash your hands right before the interview.
  • Ironed Clothes: Wrinkles can destroy the entire outfit, so keep your clothes ironed the day before an interview.
  • Dress according to work culture: It’s important to look professional so that your employer can see you fitting perfectly in the company. Avoid fancy clothes, dress as per work culture
  • Clean Haircut: Keep your hairs dry and avoid hair products. Men should avoid spike haircut and women should avoid excessive hair accessories.
  • No perfumes or aftershave: Always smell nice and subtle. Men should avoid heavy perfumes or aftershave. Women can put a bit of perfume. Avoid chewing gum during the interview.
  • Clean Nails: Interviewer will notice your hands as soon as you shake hand with them. Men should trim their nails and women should manicure their nails.
  • Perfect pair of shoes: Perfect pair of shoes can make your outfit look good. Polish your shoes perfectly and it would be great if your shoes match with the color of belt.
  • Right accessories: Right accessories can add a nice touch to your outfit. Bring a portfolio or briefcase with you as this will show that you are ready for work.
  • No tattoos: Tattoos make a bad impression on interviewer so if you have them then then cover properly.
  • Fresh face: Always appear with a fresh face. Try not to look sad or aggressive. Maintain a smile on your face, appear confidently and value yourself.


Before you could say even a single word, you are already being judged by an interviewer on the basis of how you are dressed, so it’s very important to dress in a professional manner. Follow the above mentioned tips carefully to make a good impression on interviewer.

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