MAITREYI COLLEGE, University of Delhi

Maitreyi College is a college in the South Campus of the University of Delhi, It was established in July 1967. “Maitreyi” was named after a Vedic philosopher from ancient India. She was the second wife of famous sage and philosopher.
The College has been awarded Star College grant for providing excellent facilities in Life Sciences, faculty training in new teaching methodologies in UK and an innovative programme of P.G. Diploma in Nanotechnology.

Maitreyi College is an all women’s college offers B.Tech(Computer Science), Honours Courses in Science, Commerce and Humanities at undergraduate level. Also Maitreyi College started Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology, the ‘first’ such course in University of Delhi. 

The college has one of the most beautiful campuses among South Delhi Colleges. You would get comfortable with the college campus which includes sprawling and beautiful lawns with flowers blossoming at every corner. Then there is the open Audi area, where in winters you can relax under the sun with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the famous crispy Samosas.

The college doesn’t have a hostel but you can easily find cheap residing options in the nearby areas like Satya Niketan and DU South Campus.

Principal  :            Dr.(Mrs.) Savita M. Datta

Location   :           Bapu Dham, Chanakyapuri, 
                             New Delhi-110021
E-mail ID  :  
Contact    :            24673815, 24101053
Website     : 

Specialization :   Arts, Commerce and Science



Although the Chanakyapuri area is definitely quite posh, it isn’t the greatest in terms of connectivity. Maitreyi College accessible by the metro station Race Course which is probably 10 minutes away from collegeand the nearest bus stop (called Satya Niketan and Bapu Dham) is a Rs.10- Rs. 20 rickshaw ride away. About 80% of the students prefer to travel by bus, while the remaining travel by their own cars.

  • B.Tech Computer Science
  • B.Sc (Hons) Botony, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology
  • B.Sc Programme Physical Sciences, Life Sciences.
  • B.A. Programme & B.A. (Hons) Economics, English, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Sanskrit, Sociology
  • B.Com & B.Com (Hons)
  • M.A. Mathematics, Political Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology.
Maitreyi College is proud of its active, vibrant, well-balanced and responsible Students Union.  It comprises of elected representatives of the student body who undertake the task of organizing co-curricular activities for various inter-and intra-college competitions. 
‘Rhapsody’ the Inter-College Festival, organised by the Students Union every Year in winter is one of the most eagerly awaited events of College life. The two days event is crammed with numerous events, with students participating from all the colleges of University of Delhi and other various universities in Delhi NCR. This year it’s been held from March 10-March 11(RHAPSODY’14).

Apart from academics, the college has an established tradition of continuous achievements in the field of Sports, NCC, NSS and Cultural activities.

The college has well constructed buildings with all modern facilities available.
Internet Facility: University of Delhi offers access to internet Wi-Fi LAN connectivity free of cost to the students but you can use it only for educational purposes and you have to obtain permissions to unlock it.
Library: Maitreyi has a huge two floored library comprising of 81506 books which subscribes to 78 journals and 13 Newspapers and it’s the best place to be if you’re the studious kind.
The college has Reading Room, Laboratories, Book Store, College Canteen, Medical Room, Garden, Legal Aid Cell, etc.

The cultural societies of the college are also very active and give you loads of opportunity to explore your talent. The most talked about thing in college and keep winning various accolades throughout the year.
There are five well known societies of this College.
  1. ABHIVYAKTI: Theater Society 
  2. ZEAL: Dance Society              
  3. GALORE: Fashion Society         
  4. TRENCHANT: Debating Society
  5. VISTA: Photography Society
  6. DHITI: English Literary Association


The theater society of Maitreyi College.  This society has been running successfully since 1999, participating in campus theatre as well as seeking opportunities outside so as to reach out to a larger audience.

 Street Plays:
1999-2000- Chatriya
2000-2001- Aur bandhan toot gaye
2001-2002- Surajmukhi
2002-2003- Gharwali
2003-2004- Inspector Bhanumati chand par
2004-2005- Mudrika ka rahyas
2005-2006- Andher Nagri chaupat raja
2006-2007- Chidi ki dukki
2007-2008- Satat-The reflection of women
2008-2009- Kollage 70:30/20:30
2009-2010- In the name of honour
2010-2011- O Ibsen
2011-2012-Akka Amoli Anni
2012-2013- Bipolars
Piano Bikau Hai

They also organized INTIFADA – the 2nd annual street theatre fest along with Rhapsody – the annual cultural fest of the college on 10th March this year.


One of the popular western dance societies in DU, Zeal, the western dance society of this college. They are known for their unique usage of props, their daring and multi-colored wigs, but their facial expressions are their trademark. They bagged the winner trophy at the various college dance fests.



To teach photography to those who have a passion for it but do not get the stage. To provide a creative platform for the students of the Maitreyi College.

 IMAGINE’14              |  Sociology Fest 
Ekonomiska ’14        |  Economics Fest 
Abscissa ’14             |   Mathematics Fest
EKPHRASIS’14           |   English Literary Association Fest

Since it’s a girls college, majority of the faculty is female as well. There is a good mix of senior and junior professors, all of whom are quite friendly and never hold grudges.  The teachers are dedicated and friendly and would always help you out, you might bunk your classes. It is known for its science and its fortunate to get a great faculty.
Satya Niketan is perhaps the only place to chill nearby. Students mention the Rail Museum, but we’re sure no one would want to go there more than once. DU South Campus and Rajouri Garden. Sarojni Nagar, CCD at South-ex the most popular place and students frequently visit there.



Campus Ambassador at DU Khabar

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