Miranda House, University of Delhi

FIRST SOME HISTORY PLEASE:                    

APNI TO PATHSHALA MASTI KI PATHSHALA.This statement totally goes with Miranda House.If in DU fun resides,its in North Campus and that too in India’s best women college’Miranda House’.One can really feel this once the person enters the college.The college is very much interesting and happening in its own way.Infact interesting part lies in the college name itself.The reason why it is called Miranda House not something like Miranda College or something else is that earlier the college was a residential area during British time,The rooms which today are classrooms were earlier the apartments of Britishers.Later on 7th March 1948 it was converted into college. The college was founded by the then vice chancellor,Sir Maurice Gwyer.Its foundation stone was laid by Edwina Mountbatten.

Lots of history!!!!!There is no point of telling you people about the courses and societies of college.One can easily know it on net.But still I would like to tell you courses offered in the college.Here is the list:


  • B.El.Ed

  • Certificate Course French Language
  • Certificate Course German Language
  • Certificate Course Spanish Language
  • Diploma Spanish Language


Lets try to know the college in a way no one has ever known.

So lets begin our journey to explore this wonderful and one of the most happening colleges.One can enter to the college from two gates.One is main gate and other is hostel gate.As soon as one enters from main gate can smell the “khushbhu of garam samosas”.There is small stall of samosa at right side of main gate.Just pay 5 bucks and have delicious samosa.After one comes out of trance of samosa one can see right at front 2-storey red brick building.
coming towards the building one will find small gardens on both sides of the path.These gardens are the favorite spot not only for student but also for teachers to take sunbath during winter.


There is not much to describe about college’s building except the 3-storey Library.For someone like padhaku student it may be a bless but for
some other students(like me)it can be really very difficult to find a book.But it doesn’t mean its a curse for others.Big library means that one can find best corner to sleep and it would be very rare that someone would catch you sleeping in such a big library.And everybody knows that for students to have a sound sleep in college library is the best place.


The most happening area of college is the cafeteria and P&T.C lane(poster and tennis court lane).

Cafeteria is famous obviously   

 for the food and also for activities going on all over the day.One can always spot different college’s societies practicing nearby.Sometimes its Anukriti(college drama society),sometimes its Tanz(college’s Dance society) etc.College auditorium is also near to cafeteria and it also witnesses the practice of societies.Ever feeling bore in the college, hop to cafeteria.You can find a easier way to spend the free lectures in an awesome way.


This lane is parallel to tennis court of the college.This is the best place in college to get yourself photographed.Not only this,this place is also called “Khabar gali” because all the posters are found in this lane and one gets to know what events,competition is going on when and where.


DRC is another very famous area of college.Its straight to P&T.C lane.Its the only place common to college and Miranda Hostel.One can easily get into the hostel from DRC or just being at DRC means that Hostel is right in front of you and you can see beautiful garden of the hostel.              


There are many other spots in college which are very famous among students like ‘Gupshup area’ and DSKS room.DSKS is the favorite room of the students.Every college student wants that the class should always be held in this room.Its because teacher can never teach in this room.This is the only room which is in the college’s ground.There are numerous activities going on in the ground,sometimes NCC practice,sometimes sports competition and sometimes its the sports students practicing.


BEWARE IN COLLEGE!!!!!Somebody is perpetually having a look on all your activities.There is number of ‘teesri ankh’in the college which seems to be ridiculous.Cameras and that too in Women college!!.What can be more idiotic than this.Majority of girls are decent and if they are not,they can be easily handled by teachers.There is no point of installing camera in the college.But who tell this to the college’s principal.From gate to class,class to sport field and cafeteria,everywhere there are cameras.

Besides that this college is great college to experience all kinds of fun one can have in one’s college life.Not only fun,Miranda House provides its student a better place to learn,develop and know one’s capabilities.There are many famous alumni of the college like Mrs.Sheila dikshit,Malika sherawt and many more in the long list.

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