Protest by Ramjas Students due to hike in canteen prices

Hello everyone, as studying in the Delhi University can be the boon and bane both. As studying in the Delhi University is one of the most sought out thing which every student want. As the university provides a lot more opportunities to its students in terms of academics, extra-curricular activities and much more. But there are lots of problems also which DU students have to face. The most recent one is that the students of Ramjas College stood in protest on 11 August, 2016. The protest was due to the hike in the canteen prices. The canteen staff charged higher prices than that was decided by the college officials.

Students also complained that not only they charged higher prices but also were not providing good hygienic food. The staff also didn’t provide the bill. Students asked to lower the prices, failing which leads to the boycott the canteen food by the students.

Initially, a group of students – including some of those who are running for this year’s college elections – filed an application. The tagline of the protest was halla bol”.

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