Transformation: school vs college

Getting into your favourite college is really a dream come true but leaving your school makes you feel how different your school was.
When you enter into your college you see everything changed and everything new.
Those new faces from different backgrounds, those teachers, those colorful clothes and a lot more things.

When you have to wear your school uniform daily and you felt not so good sometimes, you always thought about the college days when you’ll be wearing clothes of your choice. This feeling of your new attire makes you feel so good and when you step into your company college after those years you start missing your school uniform.
Friends are an important ingredient of life and so you meet them at every point of your life. College friends are somewhat different because they are from different places and they have their own experiences. You remain with them every time and roam around and bunk your classes have lunch with them and lot many activities. They become your soulmates in those three or four years.

Acdemics is always major part be it your school academics or college academics. You have to study hard and because you are in college, yu have nobody pressure over you and you have to do your work on your own .
Time management has to be the most important criteria in your college, like it was in your school that you had teacher continuously standing over your head and asking you to do your work there is nothing like this in college, you have to manage your things on your own.

Activities offered by the college are very different and of your interest too because you cannot have every activities at your school and you cannot participate in more than 2 activities so college gives you the opportunity to follow your passion and live your dreams.
Bunking has always been a dream in your school ( though we have done it in school too) but bunking from college makes you realise how beautiful the world is outside.

College provides you many opportunities to follow your dreams and passion unlike the school, it gives you the platform for your passion.
You don’t have to follow that 8 to 3 time table and homework like your school.
Travelling to new places while your college times is the best part. Times when you travel and learn new things with them and know more about them.
So college is the most interesting part of your life and you will know how to manage things on your own.

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